Fistful of Mercy New Jersey In-store Oct 5

Fistful of Mercy will be playing at Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey on Tuesday, Oct. 5. To gain entrance to the performance and autograph signing (for “As I Call You Down” only), you must buy directly from Vintage Vinyl. Support indie record stores!

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3 Responses to Fistful of Mercy New Jersey In-store Oct 5

  1. Steve Frank says:

    You guys sounded awesome tonight. Everything worked for me. I really don’t know musicians since my record player broke in the 1970’s and I couldn’t afford an 8-track player, but I had been up for 48 hours because of meds, (insomnia), and in spite of that, was really happy to be there. I of course knew 1 name, and that was the reason I went, but I stayed for the great music….and the violin is just icing on the cake. And when DH jokingly said the next video is gonna have girls in bikini’s playing volleyball or something, I thought, the violin girl is plenty sexy and the music stands on it’s own. Good luck, and thanks for the free concert!! Steve

  2. Nelson Wilbury says:

    What a great time it was!!

  3. Steve Frank says:

    Hey!! I got some sleep and listened to the CD today straight through. Excellent!! And you guys look like you really enjoy what you’re doing. Would have liked Jessy on the CD, as I think such a great violin adds another dimension, but thats the bonus we’ll be getting in concert!! Good luck!!

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