Fistful of Mercy on Conan Tonight! (11/10)

Fistful of Mercy will be the musical guest tonight on Conan (11/10/10), making the band the third musical act of his new show! Conan airs tonight at 11/10c on TBS, be sure to check your local listings.

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2 Responses to Fistful of Mercy on Conan Tonight! (11/10)

  1. bar gunderson says:

    you folks freaken rock please come to GreatFalls mt I’m willing to a 10&10 TEN THOUSAND AND 10% of the gate

  2. David says:

    Hey FoM, I really digged you guys on Conan last night. Would it be possible to get an MP3 of that somehow? It was a reeeaaaally jammin’ performance!!

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